[s-cars] MTM chip wastegate adjustment

konecc at snet.net konecc at snet.net
Tue Aug 13 14:18:30 EDT 2002

I've searched through the archives but still don't have a clear picture
regarding MTM's recommendation of cranking in 6 turns on the wastegate when
upgrading the UrS4's with their Stage 1+ (3 bar) chip.

I just installed mine last night and it runs like a rocket (21-22 psig
boost on the gauge), but I get a "squack" when I change gears or on/off
throttle at high boost, especially in the lower gears.

According to the non-technical person at MTM, that adjustment is required
to compensate for the higher boost, but I couldn't get any more out of them.

What's the consensus on the adjustment, is it necessary or desirable?  Does
it defeat some of the safety aspects that the ECU provides?  Will it cure
that sound?

Any tips on how to heat the threads to release the Loctite, once I get
center plug drilled and pulled out (heat gun?)?  Would it be easier to
remove the 6 or 8 nuts and remove the entire top to do this?

-- Rich A.
   '93 S4

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