[s-cars] A8 Question

UrS492 at aol.com UrS492 at aol.com
Thu Aug 22 14:30:34 EDT 2002

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Does anyone know why the resale value of the A8 is so poor?  I have not heard
anything bad about these cars that should drive the resale down so far.  My
sister is looking for a newer car and wants to spend no more than 30K.  I
think an A8 would be great for her.  Any thoughts?   Is maintainence
outrageous?  I know the old V8 90-94 can eat people alive for regular
maintainence.  Is the A8 the same story?

Mark in UT
'92 S4
86 Coupe GT
92 100 S
97 A4T

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