[s-cars] S6-Quirky Behavior

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Mon Aug 26 10:32:31 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past. Here is
a new set of problems.
I just got the car back from having some cosmetic
improvements (new paint and parts on front of car) and
I gotta say, it looks like a new car! I am sooooo
happy. And, as a result, I have the headlamp (lt/rt)
units I would like to sell, lt/rt front turn signal
units, and front grill...all in really good condition.
But enough about that....

Problem # 1--In the course of work the doors got a
minor adjustment/realignment, but not the passenger
side door isn't locking but it is binding when the
automatic door locks are used. Not a pleasant sound!
Problem #2--(not related to cosmetic work) The sunroof
opens and closes to partial vent position, randomly -
i.e. while the car is running, but whether warm or
cold, damp or dry, just out of the blue.

Boy I could really use some help if anyone has ideas
here. The 1st problem because I am afraid I am
damaging something, and the shop won't be able to look
at it for a week...and the 2nd, before it rains and I
am totally #$%%$#ed on several fronts.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice etc. you can bring
to the table.

95 S6

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