[s-cars] Staged shift light for 20V cars

Frederic L'Huillier flhuillier at siebel.com
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This company is also making a digital gear indicator


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There is a LED revmeter made by "Datatool" in England

I use it on my motorbike.  It is somewhat programmable with three mode
of display.  It has a total of 6 green, 3 yellow and 2 red (with auto
adjusting brightness  for ambient lighting condition).  My favorite is
the  all LED blinking to inform me of need to upshift.

Anyway it is off my bike now and I am in the process of installing it on
my 993turbo.  I have already located where to tap the pulse on my
993turbo but just have not got the time to go in and do it.

I purchase the Revmeter from a vendor in the motorcycle magazine (either
motorcyclist or cycle world)


On Monday, August 26, 2002, at 09:08 AM, Achint Sandhu wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I would like to add a shift light for my 96 S6. The main idea is
> that I want
> to have 10 LEDS (lighting at 200 RPM increments from 5000rpm to
> 7000rpm). I
> can use the LM3914 LED driver (National Semiconductor) to accomplish
> this
> fairly easily given a varying voltage signal. I was hoping that the
> stock
> tach uses a voltage input and I could simply wire my circuit in
> parallel with
> the stock tach.
> 	I haven't been able to find any data on the Audi tach, but from
> what I can
> see with other tachs, they rely on pulse measurement to generate the
> output.
> If that is indeed the case with the Audi tach I was thinking of using a
> LM2917 frequency to voltage convertor (National Semiconductor) to
> create the
> input for the LM3914.
> 	I am a computer programmer, hence I next to nothing about hardware
> and came
> up with the "design" (if it can be called that) based on some example
> circuits I saw on the net. The above may not even be possible and with
> a high
> probability is a moronic design :-)
> 	Any help/information that can be provided would be great. Thanks in
> advance....
> Cheers,
> Achint
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