[s-cars] NAC or not NAC ?

Frederic L'Huillier flhuillier at siebel.com
Mon Dec 9 21:28:00 EST 2002

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Not Audi Content OR Not Andouillette Content ? That is the question !

Anyway, I looked for more information about this delicate french
specialty for gourmets only. Obviously, the ones on this list who grew
up with ketchup or pop corn can save themselves time by deleting this
email right away !

Let's move on to the details regarding Andouillette:

The basic ingredients and cooking methods are the same for all
andouillettes, but various ingredients are added that make the regional
differences. Regions that are particularly well known for the
Andouillette are Troyes (the Champagne region), Nancy (Lorraine region),
Strasbourg and Tours. Unlike the other made from Pig intestines, The
Andouillete from Lyon is made from Baby Cow intestines.

First the intestines must be thoroughly cleaned and scraped of all fat.
Then they are soaked in cold water for 24 hours. The 'chef sets aside a
certain amount of the thinner intestine to use as skins later on. The
soaked tripe is then cut into strips and placed in a large bowl.
Next is the seasoning stage. To the tripe, pepper, salt, cloves, nutmeg,
garlic and ginger are added. For the Nancy variety white wine and
truffles are also added at this stage and for Troyes, mushrooms, dry
white wine, onions and parsley. The mixture is then left to macerate for
24 hours.
Slices of bacon fat are then added and the entire mix, ire is rolled up
and stuffed into the intestine. In Chedeville they still use the 'a /a
ficell'e method whereby the andouillette is carefully rolled and twirled
and then tied at each end with string. Once tied up they are placed side
by side in a large stainless steel vessel and covered with a bouillon of
water, milk, white wine, cloves and put in the oven for about five
hours. When the bouillon cools it takes on a jelly-like consistency. The
andouillettes are now ready for distribution.

The best Andouillette are rated AAAAA, which stands for 'Association
Amicale d'Amateurs Authentiques d'Andouillette' since 1865.



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