[s-cars] RE: Pizzo stole my car - scream credit

Philip Mische pmische at comcast.net
Wed Dec 11 10:08:20 EST 2002

You mean Sam Kinison?  Please, show some respect for the faithful departed.

My fave of his: after he and his wife divorced he had her name legally
changed to "Lying Little Bitch", for when she got pulled over by the police.

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> Bill laughed:
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> Paully
> Well now you've gone and done it by turning the wifes email address loose
> the list (insert stan kinneman scream here) =O !
> On second thought it's a brilliant, cause you're now you'll be looking
> (relatively speaking of course)
> WRT CPS, I'd say yep, a good guess IME.  Mine went at about 85k.
> Time to call Rosattools for the the cps fest.
> Send me a hat.
> Bill m
> Heh Bill, true, last time I did that from home looking for help on
> something, she got FLOODED with helpful responses from you folks.  Must
> been before I ruined my own reputation and consequently now receive mostly
> well-deserved and expected slams 8-).  Seriously, she was REALLY impressed
> by it then, sort of gave me some credibility to all the good touting I'd
> been doing regarding the list-folk.  She became a believer instantly, must
> have helped in her agreeing to do //SFest.  Heh, and you guys didn't stop
> there either, buttered her up REAL good by getting us all sorts of nice
> goodies for doing so (gee, with hopes for a repeat maybe?  You guys are
> slick!).
> ANYway...
> Calvin, RE:  FPR, is there a test?  Does this throw a code?  Like it
> matters, don't have VAG COM access (unless Rich maybe you can scam that
> again for Sat???  That'd be killerweakschweet...).  If not, and it's the
> I f'n hate diagnosing them, too f'n intermittent typically, until they
> outright say FU!  Thoughts?  If so, how much for either FP or FPR (stealer
> vs. "real", ideally), and what if any upgrade should I do to either
> (currently 1+ s/w, with hopes of RS2 in next year)?  Get RS2 FPR?  Will
> run on just a 1+ car right?
> FWIW, 23F this a.m., started RIGHT up.  Hmmm.  Hey Chad Hall, didn't you
> your CPS done under warranty?  Anyone have "dealer installed" price?
> Seriously 8-).
> Joe, did you get a voodoo doll of my car made?  Curious.
> -Paul, car broke b/c I made Sat's Seatheaterathon on a night all but Pizzo
> can make, K.
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