[s-cars] Binding Suspension? Creaking Sound?

Cody Payne Cody.Payne at bconnected.com
Wed Dec 11 08:49:36 EST 2002

	I have submitted this question before but didnt receive any response so wanted to try again.  Searching the audifans.com site returned no results of value.  I have a H&R/Bilstein Suspension on my 92 UrS4 w/ corrective ASW camber plates.  What I have been experiencing lately is a creaking sound on the front end of the car.  Sounds like either suspension, or Sway-Bar Bushings.  It can happen at very low speeds like in a parking lot or faster when the suspension is compressed.  Visual inspection reveals no lose parts or any visible worn out bushings or rubber grommets on tie-rods etc.  I can replicate nearly 100% every time drive and is getting annoying.




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