[s-cars] Pauls' problem (with car)

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Dec 11 17:33:55 EST 2002

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I agree except for the part about check engine light....I did not get a che=
ck engine light as first either, not until I pulled the dash to find out th=
ere was no light installed.... With the CPS failure the check engine light =
would consistently come on when it failed, sometimes while I was driving it=
 would come on for a while and then turn off.


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	Me I don't see the FPR as the problem.  About all the
	FPR can do when it fails is run the car with no
	pressure control at all, meaning they run really rich.
	He'd know that. The cat would make a big stink and I
	think the car would stumble.

	The CPS is failing when the car doesn't want to start
	but cranks fine. You run an errand, spend 40 minutes
	in Home Depot and come out to a car that cranks but
	won't run.  You call for a ride and when the ride
	finally gets there it will run.

	Drive the car to work and leave it parked for 8 hours
	and you'll never know you have the CPS problem till
	Saturday when you go to Home Depot.  That is what
	happened to my brothers S6.  It only happens on the
	weekends he told me.

	You will get a fault code but probably NOT a check
	engine light with a CPS problem.

	The only pain replacing it besides cramped quarters is
	 pulling the t-belt off and on the cam pulley.  The
	gear must come off to access the CPS.

	Paul, look for codes.

	SJM site tells how to pull codes with a piece of wire
	at the contacts in the fuse box.


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