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So James-
Any word on if the $500 2Bennett camber plates can adjust camber
back to -0.5 deg. for my H&R lowered car and then go to -2.0 deg.
for the track?

If so, I'll be getting them next season.


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I e-mailed 2Bennett and got the response below, so I gave them a ring
just now and talked to Ken. He said the new plates are like totally
different from the previous designs and you will hear no noise! He said
the previous designs had the spherical bearing welded in... and these
ones are totally serviceable. Apples and Oranges according to Ken.
Hmmm... So what's the word on the rubber top mount? Is it for noise
reduction or alignment? Ken was mentioning it had to do with alignment.
I would still be interested to hear any lister results using the new

Cheers, /James.

P.S. No GP's, I asked :-(.

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	There is no noise related to this design. We have thoroughly
tested and continue to abuse these parts and have not had noise with the
"Revolution" system.

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	Thanks Hap, I will contact 2Bennett and ask what improvement
have been made to the design that reduces or "hopefully" elliminates
this noisy drive.

	I'll post the response.

	Cheers, /James.

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		I have had a set of the original 2Bennett solid
spherical camber plates
		mounted on my car for over a year now. They are noisy.
Would I replace them
		with stock or equivalent? No. The turn in is just too
good. Did I mention
		that they were noisy? Couple these with the Big RSB and
despite what
		naysayers say, pigs can fly!

		The new plates are supposed to address the noise
problem. Did I mention that
		pigs can fly? The noise issue on the originals is
primarily associated with
		low speed street irregularities(pot holes and such).
There is no noise at
		highway speeds(at least that ears with30+ years of high
intensity jet engine
		noise can hear).

		Hap, with sharp turns in Evergreen, Maguire
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