[s-cars] Pauls' problem (with car)

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Dec 11 17:56:49 EST 2002

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Yup, I agree you gotta pull the codes to be sure, but I distinctly remember=
 the light since it got so bad that if I was driving and the light came on =
I knew I couldn't stop the car until I was at my final destination and I co=
uld leave the car there for a while since I never knew how long it would ta=
ke before it would start again... oh what a pain! If the light was off when=
 I stopped the car there was a chance of restart... but only on Tuesday or =
Thursday and only wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt...

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	--- "James Murray (LMC)" <James.Murray at ericsson.ca>
	> I agree except for the part about check engine
	> light....I did not get a check engine light as first
	> either, not until I pulled the dash to find out
	> there was no light installed.... With the CPS
	> failure the check engine light would consistently
	> come on when it failed, sometimes while I was
	> driving it would come on for a while and then turn
	> off.


	Odd about the check engine light as I don't remember
	my brother mentioning it coming on. I can't remember
	whether or not other customers had a light on or not
	cause I've also seen the older 12v V6s do the same
	thing with all the same symptoms.
	 But Paul needs to check for fault codes before he
	buys any parts.  It sure sounds like a CPS to me.


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