[s-cars] Installing 2B plates

Michael DeBlasio michael at deblasio.net
Wed Dec 11 15:20:40 EST 2002

The plate with the studs, is not included.  You are supposed to use the
original stud plate.  It is my understanding that they wanted to use the
original plate to eliminate excess wear to the bearing.


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Take a look,

I just went to the 2B site www.2bennett.com.  It looks
to me as if the plates would be installed from the
bottom, as in remove strut, compress spring, install
new top plates and reinstall.  I'm basing this on the
wide spacing of the 3 mounting studs which look to me
as if they are spaced to bolt to teh strut tower
sheetmetal from underneath.  See what I mean?

Yet they clearly state no suspension removal required.

So what am I missing?  Or what does 2B mean?  Someones


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