[s-cars] 2B Camber Plates

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
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The comment about it being tricky to mark for 2 different
camber positions might be referring to the fact that these plates
don't have a single independent adjustment for camber
(or for caster). This is because the 2B plates shift the top
of the strut around in polar coordinates (radius, angle) rather than
with independent x,y adjustments directly in the camber and caster planes.
So to shift between two different camber settings you'll have to spin
the outside adjuster and also shift the center bearing support,
even if you want to keep the caster the same (except at a few places
like dead center in the caster adjust range).
Another minor thing is that to get the full 360 degrees of coverage
it appears that you'll have to remove the fasteners to shift between
the 3 sets of slots. Also, you have to spin it 180 degrees to cover
the angles where you run into the "barriers" between the slots.

But as long as marks are made for the two pairs of "spin, shift"
adjustments using color or other ways to distinguish the two
pairs, I think it should work out alright.

Since the allowable caster and camber adjustment at the top of the
strut falls inside a circle, you may have to be a little careful about
the available adjustment range. For example, "maxing out" the caster will
leave you with no camber adjust range.


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I didn't get a straight answer on that, I did ask but I don't think he
understood me correctly or I didn't understand Ken properly (more than
likely me...). He seemed to indicated yes, but you have to have the right
equipment to do it because it's tricky? Seems to me if you go for an
alignment and ask for both setups then mark the positions it should be
possible to do? I think a more knowledgeable expert like Igor would need to
chime in on this one.


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So James-
Any word on if the $500 2Bennett camber plates can adjust camber
back to -0.5 deg. for my H&R lowered car and then go to -2.0 deg.
for the track?

If so, I'll be getting them next season.


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