[s-cars] Stromung Droning - Time Sensitive!

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Yeah , Taka is right. That read section  bangs the wallet pretty hard. It does nail the drone, flat, absolutely.
Stromung tells me the rear section is the most expense. Hence the price.
We could do a GP for GP1 drone-ers.
 TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:Bruce,
The only sure-thing that I know of is the (IMHO) super-expensive
$650 rear muffler replacement that Stromung will sell you.

The muffler is much longer (a few inches definitely) and it makes
all the difference- Jeff P.'s and others' exhausts don't drone at


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I was part of the first Stromung GP. I love the sound of the exhaust at
WOT and both inside and outside the car.

The only issue is the droning, a heavy resonance, between 2500 and 3000
RPM at part throttle (cruising).

I installed a flowmaster in place of the stock rear resonator, and a 3"
straight tube glasspack, and they've both helped, but still it is pretty
intense with family in the car.

Anyone know what will cure this that my muffler shop can put in for me?
Specific part# would be a big help. I'm going there tomorrow at 1PM EST.


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