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Don Warren wrc_quattro at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 20 17:55:36 EST 2002

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I used the S-list's advice in October when I first got the water treatment!=
. I used a coat hanger, that I added some electricians tape to the end and =
pushed down in the middle drain and popped out a plug of leaves and pine ne=
edles. The pushout landed on my driveway and upon inspection, was amazed ho=
w little it took to give me this headache. Big rain in NE today and all dry=
. Go for it, beats drying out the carpets every storm!!
 Matt Russell <skippertgore at hotmail.com> wrote:Jim wrote:

So the car filled up with about a gallon of water during the big storm
out here.  Most of it collected in the passenger rear area but came in
the front.  It's all dried out now, but I reread all of the archive
posts re: other people's water leaks from October.  After removing the
black plastic tray I can only see a few leaves and a bit of gunk under
the heater/blower stuff, its not like it's overflowing with yardwaste or
  However, I cannot fit my hand underneath to try to clear out
this 2" drain that people refer to (can't even see it).  I am loath to
stick a coathanger down there lest I snag a wire or something.  Is there
something else that needs to be removed to get access or?
Could it be that water leaked in because the car was parked at an
approximately 35" angle facing uphill?  Do you guys see a LOT of crap in
the drain area when it clogs?  It sure doesn't seem obvious to me.  The
rain was very severe, over 6" in under 2 days here in Oakland.
Jim K.

Jim- Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving (LCBD *grin*), In my case, there
wasn't too much collected in that area below the tray itself, but it had
collected and effectively plugged, the drains - which you can't really see.

AFAIK, there are 3. One on each side, which should be fairly easy to find.
The one that is tricky is best reached from the passenger side of the car.
Pull off the plastic cover, as you need to get at the drain from near the
firewall where some of the fuel lines, etc are fastened. I was able to get
1 or 2 fingers in there, crooked upward (no comments please) into that area.

It's hard to explain. If you can't find it let me know, I'll try to snap a

Best to use a coathanger (carefullly) or compressed air if you have it.

92 s4, co

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