[s-cars] Brake Warning Light

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Mon Dec 23 03:08:08 EST 2002

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This topic has been visited in the past although I have not seen what the a=
ctual "fix" is.
I have the Brake warning light problem with 2 of my S6's, my sisters S6 and=
 a friends S6. My 3rd S6 (crashed one) is fine, wouldn't you know. Start th=
e car and the warning light remains on for approximately 30 seconds then go=
es out. When it goes out, if I rapidly pump the brake pedal it will come ba=
ck on. Also when at low engine RPM the steering can be heavy at times such =
as full steering angles during parking maneuvers. Does this indicate not en=
ough system pressure, or flow, to give adequate power steering? I have noti=
ced a too high Pentosin level after it sits for an hour so I know it is eit=
her the servo or check valve leaking. Do I also have a bad pump?  I will ch=
eck the servo in the morning as well as the accumulator check valve and the=
 banjo's with screens. I will get a gauge so I can check system pressure as=
 well. I have drained/replaced (but not flushed) the Pentosin in all of the=
se cars. I also cleaned the reservoir, and reservoir screen. All of these c=
ars have between 55-90,000 miles.
Can the check valve in the bomb be cleaned/fixed to stop the leak or is it =
a "replace accumulator" only. Can the servo be serviced?

Thanks for your help.
Tim Leonard

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