[s-cars] Crank bolts

Neil Swanson neilsphoto at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 26 17:17:57 EST 2002

Hey guys,

I seem to be on somewhat of a roll at work.  Seems to
be a t-belt a week for the last month or so.  No urS
cars but 12v v-6s, 30v v-6s and an S4tt and I know an
A8 is on the horizon.

We have the tool to hold the crank pulley to undo the
bolt but I don't use it.  I don't even take that bolt
out.  I undo the bolts (4-8 depends on car) that hold
the actual pulley onto the cogged drive gear on the

There is no real reason to remove that big crank bolt,
besides you need the cogged wheel on the crank to
install the belt.

There is short dowel on teh cogged wheel to keep the
pulley (and its marks) in time with the top end.


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