[s-cars] Avantfest 2002

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Mon Jul 1 01:03:41 EDT 2002

Taka, Taka, Taka

Where have we gone wrong? How can you make these statements when you've never
been to Colorado or ridden in Rod's or Brian's car?

On a higher note we had quite the car weekend here in Colorado. Multi-make
European car show on Saturday in Longmont. Thanks to Frank Amoroso for his
help in organizing this event. Lots of eye candy. TT Porsches, Ferraris, and
everything else you can imagine. This evening I had the pleasure of
introducing the Happersize Special to the local BMWCCA group at Bimmer Burger
Night held at a Sonic Drive-in in Golden. Lots of great Bimmers including an
E36 M3 engined E30 M3 and 2 tubocharged E36 M3s(one mild running 7 lbs of
boost and the other wild at 15 lbs) along with a host of E46 M3s in various
states of tune. Strangely, there were no new M5s in attendance.

I had laid a freindly gaunlet down earlier in the week describing my car as
an M5 killer. I am still a member of BMWCCA and belong to the local chapter's
list. You can imagine all the friendly hate mail I received after that
challenge. Well, The green machine did not disappoint. It was a magnet for
the BMW crowd. My new front bumper cap has black expanded metal grills that
replace the horizontal stock grills. Plus I had 2 slots cut above the top of
the grill opening to let more cooling air get to the top of the I/C. Those
old grills provided a stealthy hidden look for the big front mount I/C. No
more. The new grills kind of hollar at you with the I/C, piping, and blue
silicone hose shining through. I'll try and get some photos posted to the web
site. Something I noticed about this group was that they also had a large
contingent of younger members just as we do. I think its great to have a wide
range of types and ages of members

BTW the CRB 6 speed and the Aluminum flywheel with Centerforce clutch are an
awesome combination. Thanks to Brendan Hudak for engineering the short shift
kit and to Frank Amoroso for doing the lead fill on my shift shaft. Shifts
are sure and quick but not to the point of notchy. I was talking with Bruce
Mock this evening at the BMW event(He is also a member of both groups). He
has driven Frank's car at the track and had a similar appreciation for the
feel of this shift kit. Its just a great combination of smooth vs short. I'll
also post pics of the kit. The new 26mm rear sway bar and rear coil-over
suspension is just awesome. Well its getting late here in Evergreen so I'll
sign off.

Hap, getting sleepy in Evergreen, Maguire

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