[s-cars] Re: Track Events and Car Insurance

William Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 8 22:05:27 EDT 2002

Think the fact of the matter is, that your insurance company will tend
to interpret this language in their favor, which will put you in the
position of having to prove otherwise.  Such is the world of insurance.  :-(

 From what I've heard, more than one track day competitor at Sears Point
in Northern CA has had a mysterious accident on Highway 121 (right
outside the track).  Wonder if it's any coincidence that Highway 121 is
a "Day Light Test" section?  (One is required to run headlights in broad
daylight.) Either that or the close proximity to Sonoma wine country.
 Maybe a little of both, now that I think about it.  :-)

Bill Noland
94 S4

>OK, so now that I have been spending a fair amount of time at the track, I =
>decided to actually read my new auto insurance policy, from New Jersey Manu=
>facturer's Insurance Company in, you guessed it, NJ!
>Pertinent sections reads (and it is the same for damage, liability, etc.):
>Blah blah blah does not cover.......
>Loss to your covered auto or any non-owned auto, located inside a facility =
>designed for racing, for the purpose of:
>a=2E Competing in; or
>b=2E Practicing or preparing for;
>any prearranged or organized racing or speed contest.
>So, to my jailhouse lawyer's mind, this means that a driver's education eve=
>nt, which is neither a race or a speed contest, is OK by my policy.
>Also, since it refers specifically to prearranged or organized, if I happen=
> to show up at Lime Rock at the same time some other guys do, and then race=
> against them bumper to bumper with no notice, it's covered. :)
>Also, street racing is covered, which is good to know, since it's not insid=
>e a racing facility.
>Bruce, uh, I mean, John Doe

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