[s-cars] A6/S6 seat belt retractor

Daniel Hussey dan at s-cars.org
Tue Jul 9 23:47:02 EDT 2002

I don't know, but let me know.  Not that mine are bad, but I have the Ecru
interior.  And, now with black floor mats and black flelt liners in the
storage trays, I am thinking graphite black seatbelts would look kick ass
against the Ecru interior!  Kinda like someof the older BMW's, and Land

'94 S4 (Black/ecru).... Still for sale (make offer!)
'95 S6 Avant (Europa blue/Ecru)
Seattle, WA

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> Looks like I need to replace the driver's side seat belt retractor on my
> Has anyone BTDT? What's the cost of the replacement, and how difficult is
> to do?
> TIA,
> Lee
> '95.5 S6 avant
> '96 A6 quattro avant
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