[s-cars] RE: Quarter mile times

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Tue Jul 16 11:06:16 EDT 2002

Just FYI, if you do any of the math WRT the below, you will see that what
he's speaking of is RWHP, not flywheel HP.  Which means that his "400hp trim"
was more like 500 at the flywheel, and his 520 target is more like 650 at the
flywheel.  Translated observation:  I haven't seen a "400" trim car on this
list pop that dyno number, regardless of the "correction factor" you choose.




Frank quotes:
">All this using a four
>door with two baby seats in the back. His best run was a 12.67 @ 110mph back
>in August of 95, this was when it only made 400hp. He hasn't had the chance
>to go due to family and business commitments (Bananas Hi-Fi). If he ever
>gets to the track again he's hoping to break into to high 11's, this would
>equate to a 0-60 of aprox 3 seconds flat.

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