[s-cars] MTM/CMP sensor

Chad Hall outex at charter.net
Fri Jul 19 15:15:46 EDT 2002

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I've had the MTM ecu installed since Wednesday and I am still having cam po=
sition sensor problems.  From what I can gather so far, I miss my TAP ecu f=
rom before mainly because of the torque I gave up.  The MTM is stronger on =
top but I'm still getting cam position codes so I am unable to run thru the=
 gears, only one gear at a time before it retards and knocks boost down to =
11 psi.  I have run both the stock w/g spring and the stiffer TAP screwed a=
ll the way down (saw 27 psi). Before I installed the new ecu,  I changed my=
 original cam position sensor to a good conditioned, used one from Rod.  Af=
ter the MTM addition I installed a brand new cmp sensor.  All tripped the s=
ame code:  Cam Position Sensor.  Someone on the list mentioned that it may =
be in the connection under the fuel rail cover.  I've replaced the lower ho=
se with Samco but not the upper yet.  It doesn't feel like a mechanical boo=
st reduction like a failed hose, more like ecu shutting down the fun electr=
onically. When car is in any gear, full throttle will give full boost, then=
 shut down, then full boost, then shut down, all while still in the one gea=
r=2E  I've replaced the plugs, plug wires, bypass valve, frequency valve, p=
ower stage (one), replaced exhaust with twin 2.5" pipes straight to Flowmas=
ter (I know, BLASPHEMY!!), both the Audi dealer and my VAG/COM system showe=
d cam position sensor still.  Any ideas?


Chad Hall

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