[s-cars] Seeking "Todays" Big Brake Recommendations

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> With $$ burning a hole in my pocket and having no desire to overshoot
> Minnesota and land in Canada for the S car festival, I am looking to do
> my final upgrade(ha ha ha:) the big brakes.
> Is there a definitive answer as to BIRA monobloc vs big Reds?  Also,
> Sierramotorsport seems to have motored out of the RS2 bracket and hat
> biz, so are there other sources for these two components? The ECS
> stageIII is a nice big red package but $1850.  QRS has the BIRA package,
> but $2200.  Maybe these are good prices?
> TIA ..and as usual, appreciate the help!
> Cheers'
> Bill m
> 95 1/2 Avant
> 75 Carrera
You can get best prices for calipers, backets, and rotors at Crecent city
motors in New Orleans. Prices low enough that Igor got his BIRA s8 rotor big
reds for about 1200$.
I dont know much else but that I sent him to Crescent and he said the stuff
saved him abt 350-400$

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