[s-cars] Noisy Dashboard 1992 S4 and LCD Questions

Ulrich L. McKenzie mckenzie3249 at rogers.com
Mon Jul 22 23:44:14 EDT 2002

Hi Cody,

Discussed the LED problem with a colleague this AM.  He solved his by
removing and disassembling the dash, and applying a contact enhancer to all
the exposed solder joints and connectors.  I think it is called "Stabilant
22  (Brent, can you confirm?)  Not only solved the LED problem, but now says
all displays are brighter.

As for the rattles, every time I re&re my IC, I have different noises left
over.  The factory uses ties all over the place when they are originally
assembled.  Just try to make sure all loose cables are tied firmly in place,
or padded in areas that might move around.


'94 UrS4 (Still waiting to hear from Hoppen....)

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	Is there any cure to a noisy dash board?  Seems to creak, and rattle a
little bit when driving.  Sort of annoying.  Seems to come from right over
the console.

-2nd Question:
	My LCD display on the dash seems to be going out or is very sensitive to
hot temperatures in the car.  It pretty much doesn't display anything that
is legible except in the AM I can make out "OK"  I had a similar problem on
my 1998.5 A4...



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