[s-cars] Worn out shocks on 92 S4??

Ulrich L. McKenzie mckenzie3249 at rogers.com
Mon Jul 29 23:03:30 EDT 2002

I just had Bilstein HD's fitted all around on my stock 94 S4.  The ride is a
little stiffer than before, but small suspension movements are much better
damped.  It appears the rear shocks were the originals, but fronts had been
replaced by PO in late 97 or 98.  The car appears to sit a little higher at
rest.  Overall the ride is a little stiffer over the corrugations in
Toronto's winter ravaged highways, but generally it just feels like
suspension movements are better controlled.  Have not had the car at a Solo
since I replaced the shocks, so I have not really explored the limits yet.

Now if only I can find that rattle that appears to be coming from behind the


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> Hi everyone,
> I am in the process of getting my 92 S4 back to nice condition.  The most
> important thing I need to do is replace my front shock absorbers.  They
> wasted!!

They are Boge gas shocks. The true replacement part is only available
Audi. I replaced them with the nearest Boge equivalent (according to Boge).
It was a Turbo Gas shock. The new ones were a bit stiffer but this may be
because the old ones were worn out. At first I thought it was a little too
stiff, but I love them now and the lateral Gs have probably gone up a few
tenths of a G.

Original - Boge (1-0201-32-384-A) (Cannot be found in the US custom Audi
I replaced mine with Turboshock 32-402F.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan
1992 Audi S4

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