[s-cars] Max. boost pressure on urS6 (auto)

J. Khang jhlk99 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 19:38:32 EDT 2002

Hi, folks.

Many thanks to all those who advised on removing the
Servotronic power assitance. Turned out I didn't have
it anyway but thanks all the same.

I have another couple of questions.

1. How much peak boost should I expect to see on the
digital boost gauge? I have seen 1.8 bar but the
owner's manual indicates that it should rise over 2
bar. Bear in mind that the manual also states that
peak torque is lower for an auto. transmission.

2. How do I reset the fuel injection computer? The
previous owner ran the car on 95 RON and I want to run
it on Shell Optimax (98.6 RON) but I need to reset the
EFI system to let it advance timing. Should I just
disconnect the battery?

urS6 (1996)

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