[s-cars] electrical problems, now no boost

otw185 otw185 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 19:14:19 EDT 2002

Pulled the fault code tonight and got 2224 (Over boost
condition - Waste gate or pressure hose, Waste Gate
Solenoid/hose problem).  This seems consistent with
the feeling of the car being *really* strong this
morning and then being shut down at full throttle.  I
suppose the ECU put the car in limp home mode, which
explains the constant 1.0 bar while driving.

Once again, the hoses are all brand new and intact
upon another inspection.  Unfortunately, I couldn't
get the battery done tonight, but will get it in
tomorrow, to see if this fixes it, as many of you who
replied think it may.

One additional question: if the ECU shuts down boost,
will correcting the problem (assuming there really is
one outside the battery) allow it to let it go again,
or must I reset the fault code memory or disconnect
power or something like that?  Thanks again.


> Here's the story:
> Drove my 92 about 2 hours last week to my mechanic
> for
> a suspension upgrade and samco hose and new diverter
> valve from audi TT 225.
> 1) Mechanic said car would not start after 2 days
> sitting and gave small charge jump with portable
> charger in order to get into the shop.  Work
> completed, everything OK per mechanic.
> 2) I drove 2 hours back home a few days later. No
> problems. Next morning car dead again.  Dead means
> some elec. there, but got the clicking sound when
> turning the key over.
> 3) I ran my portable charger on it (low setting, 2
> amps) for 20 minutes which gave enough juice to get
> the car started.
> 4)  no more problems for a week.
> 5)  all of a sudden, one afternoon, all power
> windows,
> except driver's!, are inoperable using any of the
> switches.
> 6)  Next morning car won't start.
> 7) Ran my charger for just a few minutes, car starts
> and windows all work fine again.
> 8) Today, go off to work and the car feels a little
> faster than normal.  I get on the highway and car
> boosts nicely
> 9) then all of sudden, a huge lurch (like fuel
> cutoff,
> or feeling of hitting rev limiter, but at 3 or 4K).
> Giving throttle a few more times gives the same
> strong
> hesitation at this tach range.
> 10)  Now the boost gauge reads a constant 1.1 bar
> with
> car running, but absolutely no boost.  No funny
> sounds
> under throttle, no audible air leakage, no black
> smoke.  Just runs like a 5 cylinder car with no
> turbo.
>  Very smooth, no idle problems.  The lurching is
> also
> gone.  Shutting car off with key still in ignition,
> gauge returns to 1.0 bar (sea-level ambient) like
> normal.  I smell nothing funny, see no smoke and can
> see no signs of hose release or breakage.
> 11)  Battery is original.  I plan to replace (is
> aftermarket advisable or should I get it from
> Audi)--
> anyone have a clue what's up???  Fried ECU from the
> charging?  Battery old and causing low current
> anomolies such that ECU shuts things off??  Really
> weird.  Car is otherwise perfect with only 45K miles
> and all maintenance ahead of schedule, mobil 1.
> Prior
> to this, boost always smooth and runs to 2.1 bar.
> Car
> is unmodified excepting the hoses and new diverter
> valve form audi TT 225.  I checked out frequency
> valve
> connections which appear to be in place.  Have just
> learned there is a fuse which controls this valve
> and
> plan to check later....
> Thanks for reading.
> Scott
> 92 S4, normally aspirated.
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