[s-cars] HELP! memory seat switch & CD changer

Nic Bode nbode4 at attbi.com
Sun Jun 2 13:35:38 EDT 2002

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Kind of a long story but I want to give all the info. I went back to stock =
Bose stereo in my 93 S4. Didn't like the look of an aftermarket head unit i=
n the dash. Had to replace the front door panels. Pluged in used memory swi=
tch from 94 100cs and only had position 4 working. My original switch had a=
ll 4 positions occupied. Couldn't even get a "click" with positions 1,2, an=
d 3 on the used switch. My IR key retained my memorized position of number =
1 of my old switch so I locked and unlocked the doors, seat and mirror move=
d to my setting, set #4 as my setting. I wasn't satisfied so I fiddled some=
 more and traded switches a few more times and now niether of the switches =
hold any memory and my IR key does not move the mirrors or seat. What did I=
 do and how can I fix it? Is there a way to erase the memory and start new?=
 Disconnecting the batt doesn't do it according to the Bentley.
As for the CD changer, I have a 12 pin plug in the pass side trunk with 9 p=
ins occupied. Is this the CD changer plug and where can I get a changer? Bl=
au only speaks of an 8 and 13 pin plug. Will a CD changer work with my 93 B=
ose system? The stock radio manual doesn't speak of any CD capabilty.
Now I have front door panels with ADS seperates and crossovers modled into =
the panels along with ADS seperates for the rear under factory grills and a=
n ADS amp for sale if anyone is interested. Thanks for your help. Feel free=
 to email me directly as well.

nbode4 at attbi.com


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