[s-cars] Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Mon Jun 3 10:32:30 EDT 2002

Morning all-

WOW is all I can say about attending yesterday's Concours d'Elegance in
sunny Greenwich CT.  WOW.  Truly amazing stuff.  It's the east coast version
of Pebble Beach basically.  I'd read about this show last year in one of the
car mags, but didn't realize it was this great.  We drove down in my bud's
smooth 500E (fun ride down!), passed a newer than new 996 Turbo S, in
blazing yellow, on the way down.  Snapped his pic as we passed...

I'm a bit miffed I or one of us other idiots wasn't bright enough to
coordinate a gathering down there, that place was simply INFESTED with just
about every cool 'car guy' car you could imagine.  And I'm not just talking
about the show.  Every surrounding parking lot was loaded with exotics.  And
the on ramp to 95N was right next to our lot where we 'tailgated', leaving
us audience to spectacular Italian cacophonies as numerous Ferrari's ripped
up the ramp through the gears.  NICE!

I'll be marking my calendar next year and us NE'ers will HAVE to set up a
meeting there and drool together.  Simply a spectacular display of the best.
Yes, I whipped off about a few dozen dig pics, I'll post them sometime when
I'm able.

Noteworthy sightings:

New F550 Barchetta.  Yes.  Barchetta.  I will most likely never set eyes
upon one of these again in my lifetime.  And it was driving.  And we talked
to the Guido owner.  What a ma-cheeeese.  Oh well.

SL55, that car is stunning, fabulous.

G55, OK, why don't I have one of these already?  Nice mix of family cruiser,
super mod bogger off roader, and capable of mounting APG's to the roof in
case of military strike, all the while cruising at ludicrous speeds in
style.  I haven't seen SIDEPIPES on a Benz since the SLR's.

S Type R, I dig that car.  Sweet blue, with 'greyed out' headlights and mesh
grill, oh, and 400/400 under the hood.  I smell fun.

Oodles of gorgeous XK120/140/150's

300SL Monte Carlo Rally car

MB 540K cab / limo

A8L, that backseat is heavenly

A4 cab, very smart looking in red

'84 UrQ, sexy red, fantastic car

The parking lots around the event had most anything you could imagine, all
the local owners drove their toys there.  F348, F355 Spyder, F360's, a hot
pink (eeegods!) / white gut '69 or so Lambo Espada with 95k (!!!), heh, a
'92 //S4, emerald / ecru, CT tags, ACK (Nantucket) sticker on bumper
(lister?), another emerald S6 with CT tags, and a AAA sticker on the bumper
(lister?), AC Cobras, 2 more 500E's, I could go on forever.

I felt like Beavis when he eats too much sugar.  Major sensory overload, I
was stuttering at some points.  Anyway, thought I'd share, and I hope to
post these pics soon.

Paul Krasusky
Business Development Officer
First International Bank

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