[s-cars] all around good replacement tires for 2000 S4

Ian Duff iduff at ma.ultranet.com
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http://www.tirerack.com/tires/sumitomo/su_htrz_2.jsp. $106 ea for
225/45WR17, plus tacks and shipping. This is what I was going to put on mine
before I traded it.

You might also consider 235 width, either 40 or 45 section, $108 ea, in an
effort to protect the rims a bit better from curb rash. HTH.

-Ian Duff.
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I'm going to have to admit ignorance on this one - but I have reached that
point where I need to replace the OEM tires on my 2000 S4 and need some
advice from all on what people would recommend buying. =A0I had the Potenza
RE040's that came originally with the car, and got about 20k out of them
(is that normal with these tires?). =A0What brands and makes of tires would
people suggest looking into, and how much should I expect to pay? =A0Also,
how much wear should I get out of tires like this? =A0This is the first time
I've bought new performance tires, so I'm a little lost here. =A0Any help
would be much appreciated.

I live in Atlanta, so I'm looking for a good all around tire that isn't
loud, holds up well, but also has great handling and a good feel. =A0Any
suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance.
Bryan Sung

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