[s-cars] Ride height H&R/Bilsteins

Neil Swanson neilsphoto at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 15:10:12 EDT 2002

Did it

My car measures 14.5"s front and rear from the wheel
center to the wheel arch edge.

When I worked at the dealer I had the chance to
measure (but I forget) and drive ( I remember) many
s-car mods.

Hoppen (ABT?) springs are lower than mine.  Intrax are
really low too.

Remember that car we all heard about that broke the
front anti-roll bar with 2B delrin bushings?  We had
that car in too. It was a NY car that was sold and
went west.  Came back to the east and was in for the
gas pedal replacement.

The owner spent some bucks with 2B while he was west.
I don't know what the front springs ere but they were
looooow.  Rears were c/o'd but I didn't catch the
rate.  Koni yellows.  The car was too low, too harsh
and really crashed hard and loud over bumps.   Maybe
the Konis were cranked real hard.  I know I couldn't
live with it.


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