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Wed Jun 12 01:38:28 EDT 2002

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Hello S-ers,

       I finally got tired of looking at the new seat heater elements sitting
in my front room and decided it was time to install them.  Got the driver
seat out just fine, everything unplugged like the Bentley CD tells me.  I am
to the point where I am trying to remove the seat backrest as I am replacing
both seat and back elements because I don't want to have to dig in here ever
again.  Here lies the problem.  I can't figure out how to get them apart:
       I have removed that funky clip that sits on top of the backrest stop
bolts.  The instructions that I have say to remove the screws.  This is where
I am stuck.  There is only one screw to twist, however with all my might
without striping the dang thing, I can't get it to budge.  The instructions
say that if you can't turn the screw, to try the "eccentric bolt" I think
that is the thing with the ridges on it that surrounds the screw. I have
twisted that thing and got it to move, but barely.  I have succeeded in
scratching the crap out of the finish and almost destroyed the "eccentric
bolt"  Is that thing supposed to be twisted out counter clockwise? That is
the only way I could get it to turn.  I stopped before I got really mad and
start to make stupid moves and destroy things beyond repair.  (I have learned
some things from past mistakes)

       Your help in this will be much appreciated.

Mark in UT
92 S4
86 Coupe GT
92 100 S
97 A4 T

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