[s-cars] Any tricks to installing Bilstein struts? and Intrax springs drop info

Martin, Gary G MartinGG at aetna.com
Wed Jun 12 19:39:22 EDT 2002

Should be no surprises. You could use a pipe wrench, but I took the little
tool supplied with the Bilsteins, cut a piece out of it so I could slide it
over the strut shaft, and then used a 1/2 drive ratchet wrench to tighten
the top cap. Note that the bump stop is internal.

94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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To add to the tally, the intrax spings on my car drop
the front to 14 1/8" from wheel center to fender lip.
Rear is the same w/half tank of gas.  I have no
problem on NE roads.

I am going to install bilstein sports on my 93 S4 with
the Intrax springs.  I was just wondering if there are
any "surprises" when doing the conversion.  i.e., do I
use the same "pipe wrench through the spring" trick to
remove the nut securing the strut to the spring perch
area?  Do I use the same dust boots. etc.

Any tips are welcome!

Thank you, Ed

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