[s-cars] torque graph

Peter tectonic1 at mac.com
Thu Jun 13 18:38:51 EDT 2002

A graph of the stock setup (w/o) overboost, can be found here:


And Mance's dyno run (RS2 stuff?) can be seen here:


Those no wanting to lose low end grunt shoyuld check out Mance's graphs
-yikes!  LOTS of power up high though

There's also a funky 3D graph of the turbo boost map for the K24 with 1+
upgrade at the yahoo groups under files.

Peter Anderson

On 6/13/02 6:02 PM, "Aaron Taylor" <aaron at sunvalley.net> wrote:

> Anybody have the HP -Torque curves with the stage 1 kit?
> I wonder if the torque is less than stock at the lower rpm's?
> Thanks
> AT

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