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Cecil Morris cecilmorris at
Fri Jun 14 11:07:47 EDT 2002

Just my 2 cents. I had champion plugs installed in my
car (I know, bad owner I was I have seen the light [on
a side note you know you are in trouble when the guy
behind the desk at Autozone tries to spell Audi with
an O and then tells you that they do not make Bosch
plugs for your car]). The car ran fine stock but when
I installed a stage 1+ upgrade a miss developed in the
high RPM range under load. The miss was only evident
when you took off and drove spiritedly (i.e. having
fun) so daily driving around NYC it was no fun. Anyway
long story short I put in Bosch plugs and prayed and
no more missing.

93 s4
(bosch plugs or divine assistance)

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