[s-cars] Eratic Outside Temperature Display

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Sat Jun 15 23:00:33 EDT 2002

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  Does anyone have any BTDT on an erratic outside temperature display?
Friday I put in a new alternator and when I started the car the temperature
display read 19*.  It slowly climbed to about 55*, which was about 10* too
low.  Driving today I saw it fluctuate from 65-75* within a minute or two.
Has anyone had the sensor for this display go bad?  Where is it located?  By
the way, in the past few weeks I've noticed my multifunction computer has
been way off on avg. speed and MPG.  I know these computers are notoriously
inaccurate, but this one has been spot on since I've owned the car.  Any BTDT
would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Michael Lynch
92 S4

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