[s-cars] NE //S Fest update 6/20 & S-CAR Nationals

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Fri Jun 21 12:12:56 EDT 2002

For me, there has to be some beer involved too.  That's the Rosetta Stone
which unleashedthe success of this whole CT thing I think. ;)

'91 200q20v

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, TM wrote:

> Maybe a S-car East and West nationals?
> I'd rather do Watkins Glen here, just because of the historical
> significance and that it looks like a pretty interesting track.
> Combine a 2 day track event with some social stuff and a concours/
> car show and I'd definitely be there.
> Of course that means you'll make me sign up for ACCUSA or whatever
> the q-club is now called.
> Taka
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> > i stated that poorly.  the overall problem isn't that the event is in
> > minnesota, but that the US is such a large place.  i don't think you
> > can pick any one venue that will get everybody to attend.  and for me,
> > minnesota is a problem - definitely not within easy driving distance
> > from california.
> I really dont think you stated that wrong Teddy, the only reason to ever
> go to Minnewhereisitsota is to see Keith A.  or go fishing on the inland
> ocean. I have never left anything in Minnesota so I probably will never
> go unless it is to that big track up there. I like the local track days
> 2-500 miles max away from home. The car and the engine are the big deal
> to me, not a 'members' experience. I appreciate those who enjoy this
> type of thing but for the cost time etc. I would rather do track days.
> Darin, how about a 5-7 day experience at Mid ohio next year, I will
> drive to that. Just one mans preference

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