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Thanks Daniel, as a general lurker, but still lovin my 85.5 Avant, and stil=
l unemployed, I appreciate the truthfulness about the Nationals and what it=
 is to be there, go there, and place some faces to these names, Incredible =
fun, Darin could'nt have written a better pitch. With that said, I'm lookin=
 for some company to perhaps drive out, of course, I'll have to check with =
the wife.
Doug Landaeta (in NJ)
95.5 S6 Avant (stock, but voting for chips this weekend)

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I'd really like to urge everyone in the Northeast to try to make it to the
S-car Fest in MN!  Even if you have to fly (like me).  I went last year
without my S-car and still had a blast.  Nabbed rides in some really cool
cars (not to mention getting to drive Hap's screamin' fast 400HP S4!)...  No
promises on that one.  ;^)  But, really, it was great to get all the people
who we see regularly on the S-car list together and put names with faces and

If you can drive out, EVEN BETTER.  Organize a convoy from your area to
drive out together and make the trip happen.  I did this with a group off
the mother list (the quattro list) a few years back with a big gathering at
Pike's Peak for the 75th running.  Getting there was more than 1/2 the fun!
Everyone in the group got CB's and we would run in big group, talkin to
eachother the whole time, and checking in with the truckers from time to
time.  Just pick a designated channel and then switch back to check for cops
once in a while.  It was great fun!  Made some friends that I think I will
have for life on that trip and I'll never forget the memories (fixing Bob
Myer's blown turbo return hose in a Hardees parking lot in the middle of
Kansas!).  Hard to believe, but it was all good fun.  I even switched rides
for a while with a few people along the way to spice things up.

It was really cool seeing a big convoy of Audis with huge antennas on the
back traveling at high clips of speed (some faster than others... Ingo...
not to mention any names!).

Anyways, I went to last years nationals being unemployed and having no $
(thanks to Jeremy Williams for offering me a ride out there and back from
the NW), and I don't regret it one bit.  It was a lot of fun.  This years
event in MN sounds like it will be at least twice as fun.  I was just in MN
last weekend picking up my new '95.5 S6 Avant and Minneapolis in the summer
is a great place (and not as hot as Denver).  Hearing the events Darin has
gone through great lengths to organize for us, I think it would be in your
best interest to attend, and the event really isn't that expensive.

Also, this event is a "traveling" event of sorts...  Denver the first year
(strong urS-car contingent up there), Minneapolis this year, and will be
visiting the Northeast and Pacific Northwest in years to come (hopefully).
So, we will all have our turns as the host region.  That was the original

Again, I have no personal gain, except wanting to meet all you East
Coaster's and check out all your cool rides, but I'd REALLY STRONGLY urge
you to think twice about organizing a local meet, and instead try to make
the nationals.  We have a chance to really make the NATIONALS a premier
event that every year can grow bigger and get better...  something we will
all look forward to, year after year.  But, we need your help to make that a

Just a few thoughts..  I'd like to hear from others who attended the first
Nationals... Or any other opions or ideas welcome.

'94 S4 (Black/ecru)... For Sale
'96 S6 Avant (Europa/ecur)
Seattle, WA

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