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<< So here are my questions:

-1) Clutch seems stiff..I hear that this means in needs replacing but doesn't
seem to slip?  Is this accurate or normal for these cars?  Should I go

That stiffness you feel is the clutch showing wear. Drive someone else's
newer clutched car for a revelation. I just went with an aluminum flywheel
and Centerforce clutch and love the results. My heavily modified car really
responded to the 17lbs of rotational mass weight savings.
-2) What is that funny looking part coming off the top side of the Exhaust
manifold?  Looks almost like a giant BOV?  Does the UrS4 use BOV's?  I do see
that it has a singe BPV.

That is your wastegate.
-3) Brakes...looking for a kit that feels more firm but don't really want to
track the car...too much

Go with a Big Red kit for the front and Zimmerman drilled rotors for the
rears with Pagid/Porterfield pads.
-4) Suspension...suggestions here (Will Rarely Track Car)?
Eibach Springs with Bilstein Sports.

-5) Wheels and Tires what size should I go for on my Summer Tires and Wheels?
17x8" somethings with 245/40-17 Toyo T1S

-6) ECU Removal..seems you need to cut the carpet?  Should I start with just
a ECU and work my way up or go for the RS2 Manifold and ECU then do the
turbo?  Or is it just easier to do the ECU then Manifold and Turbo and the
same time?
Do the ECU only first with the upgrade to RS2 spec option. Then when funds
are available do the RS2 EM, turbo, MAF, cam with Bilstein lifters,steel head
gasket with ARP Raceware studded head kit, and injectors(I like RC 310cc @
3.0 bar) with adjustable fuel pressure regulator as a package with the ECU

-7) Short Shifter Suggestions?  Stock shifter is like rowing a boat ;-)
Local Boulderite lister Brendan Hudak has engineered a short shift kit for
our car. Frank Amoroso filled my shift shaft with lead and the feel of this
combo is very smooth. Because of the inherent design limitation of our shift
linkage the shortness of this retrokit is limited(I'd call this a 10-15%
kit). I do have a side by side photo available that shows the stock lever
next to the modified one for anyone that is interested. When I drove my car
last week I also drove a new M3 back to back with a 40%+ short kit. It was
extremely notchy to the point that missed shifts were a definate possibility.
The urS4/6 kit was at the other extreme. Very smooth, aided by the extra mass
of the Amoroso lead(please, no references to previous Italian sins involving
lead weights, Frank is very sensitive about his past)

-8) What other mods do people do to take the car to near 400 HP?  Stage3 MTM
is rated at 320HP..how do guys get another 80 out of her?
Now, we're talking real expensive. Front mount I/C, bigger turbo, head
work(debatable results here and while you're there might as well do a full 3
angle valve job and bore match intake and exhaust manifolds with extrude
honing, bigger yet injectors(I like RC 370cc @ 3.0 bar, forged rods(and while
you're down there you might as well do a lower end engine rebuild. While all
this is going on a full blueprint and balance might be called for with the
option of forged pistons to go with the rods. The last step is to find an
ECU/Big MAF that will handle the flow that 400hp+ requires.

    - Exhaust? - Suggestions here too pls ;-)
Stromung 3" turbo back.

    - Downpipes?
See exhaust above.

Thanks in advance

Good luck and be prepared to exercize your patience along with your wallet.

Hap Maguire



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