[s-cars] IA vs MTM

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Mon Jun 24 20:08:16 EDT 2002

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linust at mindspring.com writes:

> As for socketing/soldering to the board, I don't know what Ned does with the
> S4.  My understanding is the early S4s had sockets--IIRC, my 200q20v did
> too,
> but no matter--Ned removed them and put his own "socket" in place, a
> timing/scrambling device of some kind, so putting stock chips back in would
> do
> no good anyway.  Those in the know could probably get around it, otherwise
> keeps the rest of us from pirating his chip.
> --Linus
> '91 200q20v
Everyone pirates everyones chips, Do you think Ned wrote one of these chips
or modified an existing chip from MTM or Lehman, smart money is on modified.

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