[s-cars] Front control arm R&R

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Mon Jun 24 20:24:28 EDT 2002

When I was replacing shocks and springs on my car I tried to remove the
lower control arm to make it easier to remove the strut.  No F'ing way.  The
bushing is longer than the opening the control arm goes into, so without
removing the bushing the control arm is trapped.  Getting the bushing out
will require some type of puller but I haven't looked into much to figure if
it's something someone could easily fabricate with normally available garage
items and matchsticks.


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> S-car Gruppe,
> How difficult is removing and replacing the front control arms?
> I think the
> inner bushings on my car's front control arms are shot.  The
> Bentley manual
> talks about needing a special puller to remove the bushing that
> supports the
> inner end of the control arm.  Is this true?  I was hoping it would just
> unbolt!
> Thanks,
> Russ
> 95.5 S6

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