[s-cars] Badge Price in Germany

jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com
Wed Jun 26 10:47:00 EDT 2002


Last year I bought a couple of spare badges in Germany for the front of
my car.  I was surprised to see the price was around US$27 each .  With
the current exchange rate $30 is closer to reality now.  As for the post
by someone that that price seemed cheap, I disagree.  I think it's a
ripoff (but was happy to pay it anyway....).  Anyway, after replacing
the old one on my car I noticed a difference. The black strips on the
old one (between the silver and red stripes)appear to be some kid of
tape applique with it wrapping around to the back.  The new one seems to
have the black painted on.  Functionality is the same.  A note of
caution:  It is REALLY easy to break off the studs on the back while
tightening the badge on to the grill.  Don't tighten it anywhere near
where you think it should be.  No idea if Bently gives a torque figure
here, but it can't be higher than singledigits.

Jim K
93S4 mit shiny front badge

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