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I personally read these comparos with a smile on my face.  Remember, right
now the RS6 is being compared to the *current* rolling (not new) M5,
available in 400hp trim in the US.  The RS6 might come here (US), but if
history repeats itself in Bavaria, a pre-emptive strike at the RS6 will
undoubtedly happen, another hat trick if they get the 'beater' into customers
hands before I-stot delivers the first.  And if history repeats itself, audi
will then try to distance itself from the M5 comparos.

What would really rock the boat, just might be the M version of the X5.  The
lap times at Nuremburg of the non M version are enough to stir up the
fanatics of any marque.

My .02, and not holding my breath, hoping to be proven wrong

Scott J

In a message Frank writes


I understand your enthusiasm, and your reticence.

Facts are what the facts are though. I already prefaced my comments with
this debate being a moral one (akin to religion and politics, two things
that bore the piss out of me quite frankly).

RE: RS6, in both acceleration, and Nordschleife lap times, within
reason, think 996 Turbo (with Tiptrtonic).

Frank at s-cars.org

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