[s-cars] RS6 vs M5

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And what you going to do with a car like this here ????

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It has nothing to do with handling power, its marketing, those of us who
like shifting a car, who appreciate the extra control and contact it gives
you in a car, are no longer the target market.  Its sad really, Audi is
increasingly building cars for drivers who don't appreciate driving a car.
Audi's answer to better handling now is adding a few hundered lbs of
electornics and hydraulics to control suspension movement, etc.

Here is what I propose for the next S-car:

-A4 chassis, light weight, reduce interior weight by removing power features
and using lighter materials and less sound dampening (hell, the Supra used
hollow fibers in the carpet to reduce weight), climate control and stereo

-V6tt using K04 or bigger turbos, output 350-400hp.


-2.0 20v 4 cylinder with MUCH larger turbo, say on the big T3 side, output
275hp, redline 8k RPM.

-6 speed tranny, quattro..of course

-Stiff suspension, and I mean stiffer, the current S4tt stock suspension is
way too cush, give me Porsche 996 or E36 M3 stiff, low body roll, fast
reaction.  Fast ratio steering rack, more on center and road feel.

-Price it around $25-28k for the 2.0 or $30-35k for the V6.

I'd take that over an RS6 anyday, screw what an M5 can or can't do.


>What I don't understand, is why they can't put a manual transmission in
>the car.  Audi had 500hp+ rally cars in the early 80s, with sticks, and
>now 20+ years later they can't figure out how to make a manual
>transmission strong enough for the RS6?  I don't believe it.  I think
>they're just going for luxo-Mercedes-dom ala E55 (though I've heard that
>actually outhandles the M5, and is much lighter, except it lacks a
>stick), and not sport-BMW-dom.

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