[s-cars] re: RS6 v M5

Tim Sexton 5kcstq at codenet.net
Thu Jun 27 10:51:31 EDT 2002

    You hit the nail right on the head!  I really thought I wanted a new
S4 avant, until I drove one.  Complete lack of soul on the new Audi's
these days.  I'm with you,  unless they un-Buick-ize the new Audi's, no
matter how fast they may be, they won't see a penny of my money.
    However, it seems like Audi isn't alone in messing up a good thing.
 I was at a local PCA track day last weekend, and inspite of their being
a 996 cup car, 996 Twin Turbo, couple of really quick Boxster S cars,
 the most exciting car on the track was a really well prepared 71 911S.
 It was also interesting to note that there were probably 30-40 of the
Airpumpers there, and only two 996's and three Boxsters.  None of which
were quicker on the track than the equivalent early cars.
At any rate,
    I'll keep my UrS and my 4kq,  and leave the auto-boxes, Buick
steering, Lexus noise, and Caddy brakes to some with less interest in
participating in actually driving their car.
Just my .02

Tim Sexton

94 S4
87 5kcstq
86 4kcsq

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>Scott, what you've predicted is already true, there are rumors of BMW rolling
>out a 5-600hp V10 for the M5 in the near future.  I don't think Audi has or
>ever will compete with the M-devision, they will always be nipping at M's
>heels 3-4 years behind as has been the case.
>Frankly, I don't see the RS6 as a real M5 competitor anyway, the pedestrian
>Tip-tranny kills that for me right off the bat.  Seems like Audi is mroe
>interested in building road going "space" ships these days,  "look, the car
>accelerates and you can't hear or feel a thing!".
>Bring back the days of the Sport Quattro, or release a car somewhat
>resembling the road feel of my 80tq, then I'll plunk down some new-Audi

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