[s-cars] RS6 vs M5

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Jun 27 17:06:38 EDT 2002

Ya, I'm thinking more of modeling after the WRX, cut costs on the cushy stuff, put it into the performance (but without soda can body panels, etc).

I see the problem from a marketing perspective, though, imagine you just went and plunked down $90k on the flagship RS6, and on your way home, some punk in the "stripped down" 4 banger S4 blows by you, and you can't even keep up with him in the twisties.

I see it all the time first hand tho'... if you bet that an M5/911 owner would look you in the eyes after not being able to shake an Audi 80 up to 70-135mph, after-the-fact, you'd loose.  They usually slink over a few lanes and pretend like they didn't see you.

Hey, I'd be pissed off too if all I bought a new, $80k car for was the performance - and got beat by a car worth 5 or $10k.

Face it, it doesn't take much $$ to make a car go fast and handle, its all the refinement and cush that costs money.  Maybe Quattro GMBH will release a line of reasonably price performance cars?


>JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
>>Here is what I propose for the next S-car:
>>-A4 chassis, light weight, reduce interior weight by removing power
>>features and using lighter materials and less sound dampening (hell,
>>the Supra used hollow fibers in the carpet to reduce weight), climate
>>control and stereo optional.
>Like Porsche did with the early '70's RS model.  As for
>pricing, I suspect that they'd have to charge a lot more
>for taking out all that stuff.
>'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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