[s-cars] eggroll anyone (sighting)

Wayne Dohnal dohnal at hevanet.com
Fri Jun 28 23:24:53 EDT 2002

The 1994 models came with the antenna on the fender.   Shortly after I got
my car and saw that all the others had the window antenna, I thought I had a
modified car.  But the bracket holding the antenna looked like it came from
the factory.  I eventually learned from the list that the 94s were
different.  At first I felt cheated, but after reading stories about
reception problems with the window antennas, and being able to replace my
windshield with a lower cost no-antenna version, I'm at least at peace with
the difference.  The Bentley says that all models have the window antenna,
period.  It looks like Hans and Klaus just got mixed-up for 94.

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

>Just wondering if a lister owns a very clean and
>silver 94 S4 on Mott street I saw in the heart of
>Chinatown (NYC) at lunch today. Was the antenna on the
>driver's rear fender factory I thought all urS4s had
>the windshield variety. If it was aftermarket it
>blended in nicely with the car.

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