[s-cars] 93 S4 - Red paint problems

GreenBugeye at aol.com GreenBugeye at aol.com
Sat Jun 29 18:25:40 EDT 2002

I've been having greater and greater difficulty with the original red paint
on my 93 S4 (no, not all of them were green!).  When I bought the car in 99
from Euro Car Service (my local guys), it had what appeared to be acid rain
damage on the roof -- the entire roof was covered with splotchy pink spots
that were clearly in the pattern of water that had been sitting on the roof
at some point.  I used 3M Imperial Hand Glaze to buff it out, and it came
right back to the original color, so I coated it with wax and figured I was

Wrong.  The spots returned within a week or two.  So I buffed and waxed
again, yadda yadda yadda, here we are two years later, and I have a new
issue.  I buffed and waxed the roof as usual last week (didn't get much red
on the rag this time), and the rain this week appears to have stained up the
roof with the same pink splotches, only this time in the pattern of neat
little beads of water.  And it's also starting to splotch up the freshly
buffed and waxed roof and hood.  I used Maguire's Gold Class Professional
paste wax, and have been using it for some time on a number of cars and
motorcycles with no problems.  This wax is only available at an autobody
supply place.

So, does anyone else have these issues with their red S4s (or other red
Audis)?  Was this a common problem?  Any FAQ I can look at?  Any action by
AoA to remedy it?  My guess is that, since the car has been on the road for
nine years, Audi is none to anxious to get involved, and frankly, my
suspicion all along has been that it's an environmental issue, anyway.  Just
looking for tips/ideas/solutions before heading to the body shop for a wet
sanding or potential respray (which is definitely not in the budget this


Chris Eck
Akron, Ohio
93 S4 TQ (Stage 1, H&R, ECS camber plates, etc.)
59 Bugeye  (British and running without catching fire!)
91 CB 750 (reliable Jap bike)

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