[s-cars] Two Mechanical Problems at the track

Bruce brucem105 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 29 19:01:13 EDT 2002

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I spent the day at Lime Rock today until it was cut short due to problems (=
argh!). On the bright side, before the problems cropped up, I passed a new =
M5 twice. He could pull me out of the corners, but not by a whole lot. I'd =
time it to be at full throttle as I apexed each corner, where I think he wa=
s still feathering the gas, so he was only able to open a two or three car =
length gap by the end of the pit straight.

Then the big reds kicked in, I closed under braking, carried more speed in =
and out of the corners and was able to slide the car and have the AWD pull =
me out, so I'd come out of every corner on his bumper. Wheeee!

Anyhow, here are the problems:

1=2E Boost Problem - I stopped developing full boost in mid track session. =
The car does not miss, stumble, and the boost does not go up high and then =
get cut back. No check engine or anything else obvious, and no unusual nois=
es that I can hear. It just builds boost more slowly, and only builds to 18=
 instead of 24 like usual. I did keep it floored in 5th for a bit on the wa=
y home, and after having my foot down for 10 seconds, it did buck/stumble a=
 bit at around 100MPH.

2=2E Hydraulic Problem - I got a brake warning light, and then the steering=
 got harder to turn and made a consistent groaning noise. Then the brake pe=
dal went hard as a rock with no power assist and REALLY long stopping dista=
nces. I looked under hood, and hydraulic fluid was bubbling out of the cont=
ainer and had wet a good part of the engine near the container. I stopped c=
ar, and fluid level went down to between low and high markings. Then starte=
d it, and it slowly built back up until it started bubbling out again. I al=
so noticed a belt chirping/squeaking noise at idle that was not there this =

Any ideas on one or the other? I think #1 might be bypass valve? But I'm st=
umped on #2.....bad hydraulic pump? Not sure at all.

Thanks in advance all.

93 S4

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