[s-cars] Two Mechanical Problems at the track

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Sun Jun 30 13:47:14 EDT 2002

Earlier, Bruce wrote:
> Thanks all. It definitely sounds like volcano syndrome. God I love this
> list. Without it, I could just see bringing it to a dealer  and having them
> scratch their heads for two weeks!
> One thing I am a little confused about when it refers to "the pump" sucking
> in air. Is that the PS pump, or a separate hydraulic pump?

As Kirby said, it's one and the same pump, using the same fluid intake.
Both the power steering and the power brakes work with high pressure

> Any thoughts on boost issue? Take says dead WGFV would cause boost to go to
> stock levels, which was my understanding too. But I am still seeing ~18 lbs.
> So seems to rule out WGFV? Maybe bypass valve going bad? Or something else
> (shiver).

I'd almost bet it's a hose problem.  A leaking hose from the turbo to
cross over pipe, or X-over to Intercooler, or IC to intake manifold
can exhibit exactly these symptoms.  A split hose may only leak under
pressure and not under vacuum.  Roll the window down and drive under
boost next to a wall or highway divider, I'll bet you hear a whistling
or escaping air sound.  A rubber 3" PVC pipe cap with a truck type
valve stem in the center is the place to start.  You take the rubber
hose off the MAF and put this 3" rubber cap in the end, this lets you
pressurize the intake system to find what's leaking.

    - Charlie

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