[s-cars] Brake Bleeding 101 needed!

Jim Bonnet jimbo at sysdump.com
Thu May 2 07:22:14 EDT 2002

Ok.. So I installed my new brake kit, and 4 new Earls brake lines. I
broke out my trusty new motive brake bleeder and went to put it in use
for the first time when I figured out that I don't know WTF Im doing
with it.. Poking around the motive site I see that it says not to pump
over 20psi but to check your manual for the correct pressure for your car.

1) Does bentley show that somewhere?
2) What PSI are you guys that have this bleeder using?

I tried 10-15PSI and this got me a REALLY sloppy brake pedal. Its like
there is a BUNCH of air still in the lines..

3) Does it take a _while_ to use the motive bleeder? Maybe I just didn't
wait long enough to expell all the air...

I put 2 quarts of fluid in the tank and bled through about 1 quart with
about 1 quart left in the tank.

I expected that brake fluid would come shooting out of the hose while
bleeding.. This did NOT happen. Is it supposed to? I mean the system is
pressurized to 10-15PSI..

Thanks..Maybe Ill just get my wife to pump the pedal...?

93s4 - limp brake pedal :(

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